Friday, November 19, 2010


Some good; some not so good.  Oh, let’s go with the “not so” first.  Cliff was driving me to a doctor’s appointment yesterday afternoon.  We were on Grant road in an area where there are two lanes straight ahead, and one right turn lane. We were in the right hand straight ahead lane. Traffic had paused, and just as Cliff was ready to move again, some (ahem) very careful driver (that’s spelled  eye dee eye oh tea) cut in front of our car, and jumped into the right turn lane.  Sigh.  A ways up the road is an area with a left turn lane, and two lanes straight ahead.   We were still in the right hand straight ahead lane.  Another of those eye dee eye’s jumped out of the left turn lane, across two lanes of traffic right in front of us, and made a right turn.  Aarrgh!

On the other hand...

Back in September I mentioned a stretch of El Camino Real wooden sidewalk crossing Stevens Creek that was in dreadful condition.  I’d mentioned that I was afraid to ride my scooter over it for fear of falling through.  I’d found a website for the city, made a complaint, and then received a response that they knew about the problem, and were preparing to make repairs.

Well, today as we drove past that section, I could see a construction crew out there with a cement mixer and what looked like the ingredients for concrete.  Indeed, a concrete response! 


I'll be gone all day Saturday, so will post again on Sunday.


  1. In Irish that's pronounced "Eejit" and in Swedish "Idi-oot."

  2. Oh deer! I hope it'snow big deal.