Monday, July 12, 2010


Which is where Cliff and I were yesterday. We saw the second of the three plays in repertory, and these were two one act plays by Peter Shaffer. The first was The White Liars, in which no one turned out to be as they first presented themselves. For instance, the Baroness Lemberg was no more a baroness than I am, though she did put on quite a show.

The second was Black Comedy, which was a bit tricky. I mean the stage lighting was the reverse of the plot line. In other words, when the stage lights were out, in the plot the lights were on, and when the stage lights were on, the players were in the dark, or in the “black”, if that makes any sense. The choreography of people bumping into things in the “dark” and each other was hilarious.

At any rate, we had a good time.

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  1. My mom is looking forward to taking Emily to the dinner theater in Kansas City next week. Plot is important but so is how tasty the steak will be-- which will be fine because it's Kansas!

  2. We went to a dinner theater for a company dinner once, years ago, and I was madly running in the last loose yarn ends on the way there of a coat I'd been knitting in 68 different wools and mohairs, just a glorious, colorful coat. (A Kaffe Fassett, to the knitters.)

    So. One of the characters, after the end of the play, still in character, came up to me and said, I want that coat. It is my birthday. Give it to ME!

    I laughed and told her where to find the knitting pattern.