Wednesday, July 7, 2010


At our mobile home park, if you enter the clubhouse by the front door near the office and then walk over near the kitchen, you will see a short hallway. Walk down that hall and you will enter a small room with a table and chairs. The knitters use it, and call it The Knitting Room. Others call it The TV Room. Some call it The Room at the End of the Hall. The members of the Book Club, to which I belong, might have liked to call it the Book Room. Originally, it was The Laundry Room.

With all these different names, it became a bit difficult to know what someone might be meaning, so I suggested Small Activity Room. The objection to that was that it implied small activities. The counter offer was “the small meeting room at the end of the clubhouse hallway” Aauugghh! So I proposed “Small Meeting Room”. That almost made it, until “Club Room” was suggested. That sounded good to me.

Well, now it has an official name. You can walk down that short hall and enter “The Club Room”…. “Club” because it is already where some of the clubs and groups are meeting.

So don’t be surprised if someone says they will meet you in The Club Room.

Humor --


Poor Mrs. Fifty
Was not feeling nifty,
Eating her low-fat Swiss cheese.
When she was twenty
She used to eat plenty
And never gained weight round her knees.

Middle-aged Marvin
Went to the surgeon
To affix to his scalp some new hair.
But when he awoke
He looked worse than a joke
And wished that he’d left his head bare.


  1. I vote for 'Knitting Room' but looks like I'm too late.

  2. Yeah, me too, we knitters are ganging up on you. Get-together room, except that y'all have settled it already.