Saturday, July 10, 2010


...and then see what you can do with it.

This ancient monument is thousands of years -- uh,
hundreds of -- well, it weren't there last week.

Need a ride to town.

Well, they come cheap, but they don't get much done.

Only 25 cents a ride. No cost if it collapses.

Impregnable! If they don't have a match.

This is a holdup!

Oink, oink!

Three, two, one, Blast off! Uh, three, two, ...

We'll save that scary thing for Halloween. And the hay thing, too.

Picking up something! Oh, that's Ma calling us to dinner.

Now if we only had some wind.

Please note: Cemented deal for concrete results. Details to follow.

Note, #2: See you on Monday. I don't usually post on Sunday.

Note #3: Something funny -

During a lesson the driving instructor commented that he was seeing spots before his eyes. “That could be serious,” said the student. “For years my father complained of seeing spots before being diagnosed with a detached retina. You really should see a doctor immediately.” “Or,” replied the instructor, “you could just turn the windshield wipers on.”


  1. Cute! I loved the Hay henge. Looks like the kind of stuff folks did back where I grew up :-}

  2. That third one is in the Stanford hills, near the (huge satellite) Dish. You can see it driving along Foothill Expressway.

  3. "And he huffed, and he puffed and he BLEW oink oink's house down."