Tuesday, July 13, 2010


It’s amazing how some events take place. The other day I wrote about needing a bit of cement work done at the edge of my driveway, and that my usual contractor had not yet shown up to even give me an estimate. The next day I had an email from an old friend, who follows my blog and happens to live nearby, telling me that her son is a contractor. He was looking for work, no matter how small. So I emailed her back suggesting she have him give me a call. He did, and came by a little later to give me a quote. The price sounded reasonable to me, and once I had permission from park management, phoned him to ask when he might be able to do the job. He suggested Monday morning, and showed up right on time. All done. Neat and clean. The only question I have now is if my blogee friend collects a referral fee.

Humor -

A man walked up to the counter at a chain fried chicken joint and asked the cashier for a soda and a piece of chicken.
"Crispy or regular", she asked.
"I don't care. Either will be fine," he replied.
"Crispy or regular", she asked again, annoyed.
"...Ahh, Crispy then," he responded.
"We are out of crispy."


Question: You've seen a flock of birds like ducks or geese or pelicans in the sky -- and you find that they always fly in a "V". Did you ever notice that one side is always longer than the other? Know why?

Answer: There are more birds on that side.


  1. Nice work! Weren't you just a little bit tempted to make handprints?

  2. Laughing at LynnM's comment: the city replaced the sidewalk in front of our house and I had the cement guy doing the classic, Lady, can you get your kid out of here for me?

    (Son, I think you need to play in the *back* yard..)