Tuesday, July 20, 2010


That’s right! My computer is back up to its speedy self. The last I’d heard from the Apple store was that the RAM chips were on back order. We’ll call you when they come in. I’d been hearing that for two weeks, and I was getting tired of it.. Then I was referred to an Apple authorized dealer that is nearby. I phoned, and explained my problem. The result? Friday I was told that they could order the chips, and they might be in by Monday. WOW!, if true. I wasn’t going to bet on Monday, but sure enough, around 10:30 that morning I had a phone call saying the chips were in. So Cliff and I dropped what we were doing, loaded the computer into the car, and drove to the authorized dealer.

I said I wanted to wait for it, and how long might it take? Thirty minutes, I was told. Fifteen minutes later it was all done. Can’t do better than that!

Humor out of real life --

Sunday Cliff and I went to the last of the three summer repertory plays. This one was Agatha Christie’s THE MOUSETRAP, one of her most famous convoluted stories. The play was well presented, but the best line, in my opinion, came after the last act. On Sunday afternoons the playhouse holds what they call a “talkback”, where the audience members can ask questions of the cast.

There were many youngsters in this audience, and they seemed to ask most of the questions. There is one point at the end of the first act where one of the female actors is found dead, stretched out on the floor, in a somewhat awkward position. One little girl asked the “dead” actress why she was in such a funny position, and the actor responded by explaining that when someone dies, they may fall down in an unnatural position. “Oh,” said the little girl, “I knew you weren’t really dead.”

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  1. Little kids: they nail it every time and in the best ways.

    By the way, my email to you bounced so I thought I'd let you know over here. How's that computer again?...