Tuesday, October 16, 2012


So why can’t humans? Here are some animal photos that you will enjoy.

That's okay. I promise not to step on your nose again.

 Oh! That's a dog? I thought it was a nice, furry blanket.

 Ladieeees and gentlemen! For my next trick...

 No, I'm not planning to shave it off.

Ain't I cute?

 Hey, you gotta try this!


 You can't see me. I'm hiding under my tail.

 See, I'm  photogenic

O0000h! Smells good!

Bulletin update

I forgot to mention yesterday that while my knee is much improved, it has not lost its Halloween touch.
It still  c r e a k s.

 Fun – –

If a telemarketer calls, hand the phone to your three year old and tell him it's Santa Claus!
 Generally speaking, you aren't learning much when your lips are moving.


  1. Was that a baby possum? Smile for the camera, little one, let us see that smile...

  2. I liked the photogenic one second from bottom. Makes me think of Star Trek and also how life could have evolved so differently on the planet (so that this little guy could have been taking a pic thinking our kind was photogenic.)