Friday, October 5, 2012


As many of you may know, I have the use of the use of only one hand. As a result, I have been using a very nifty one-handed keyboard. And over the past 26 years I’ve gotten pretty good at it. Nonetheless, I hit enough wrong keys to be annoying.

About a week ago, a friend was telling me about a new dictation program for the Mac that is supposed to be the best on the market. So being the daring individual that I am, I ordered it. I’ve been trying it out for the last several days and have had problems. What else is new? I’ve been on the phone with tech support, and they’ve been pretty good at getting me to follow instructions.  As a result, I’ve been using the dictation for the past few days, and I’m getting fairly good at it.

All of the text on this page has been written in dictation, and I must admit it’s quicker than my one-handed typing. Every now and then the program does something peculiar, and I go back and fix it on the keyboard. Now before I  posted this, I proofread it, but you may find an interesting word here or there and you can tell me about it if you like.

I don’t even have to hold the microphone. As you can see in this photo, I wear a headset. Makes me look like a telephone switchboard operator.  Yes,  Sir. No, sir. No, he’s not in. I’ll tell him you called as soon as he gets off the phone.  Please hold, your call is important to us even if we don’t want to talk to you.

At any rate, it’s a fascinating experience. I’ll try to keep you up-to-date.


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  1. He called here once to offer my husband a job, back in the days of NeXt before he went back to Apple. The greatest compliment you could offer a computer scientist is that Steve Jobs wanted you on his team.

  2. A switchboard operator or a telemarketer. "Hello Ma'am, how are you this evening? I understand your home insurance is up for renewal...."