Monday, April 2, 2012


I’ve been looking for a way to get this odd bit into a blog, and here is my opportunity.  This bit of humor is a quiz.  Just figure out what this blob of red is.  No they are not tomatoes.

Answer below.


I believe I mentioned that I bought a new computer.  I wanted to make a DVD for Avenidas, but my old computer doesn’t make DVD’s.  So I bought one that does.  After much fumbling around, and help from Apple tech, I made the slide show I wanted to do.  These are photographs of the earth from space, the other planets in our solar system, and several other photos taken by the Hubble telescope of beautiful objects way out in space.  There will be two showings scheduled for Avenidas in April.

I thought others might like to see these photos, but the dialogue will be given live by me and one of the aides.  So I decided to make another disc, and put the dialogue in as part of the slide show.  I’m new to making DVD’s, it's a bit tricky, so again I needed more support from Apple tech, and once again they came through for me.  The technician who helped me also showed me a few neat tricks that makes the whole process much easier.

Ah, more ways to have fun!


These are frigatebirds, a family of seabirds. They are also sometimes called Man of War birds or Pirate birds. They have long wings, tails and bills and the males have a red gular pouch that is inflated during the breeding season to attract a mate.

Could you tell that it’s a bird?