Friday, April 6, 2012


You do hear them talking, don’t you!

Aren’t I just gorgeous?

I’m thirsty! Told you that 30 seconds ago!

We won!  We won!

Beat it!  Go away!  Now!

Race ya!

You finished with your bath?

 Come rub my tummy

 I’m just gorgeous, if you can see me.

Humor --

Laundry Day

When your children are quite young
And dart around like rockets
Every time you do the wash
Be sure to check their pockets.

A child out for adventure
Shares communion with the ground.
Rocks and stones as well as worms
Are certain to be found.

So do not be disgusted
By whatever you might find.
Just take a moment to reflect
On the wonder of their minds.


  1. I think the birds are saying Feed me!

    I do love that fish photo especially. Gorgeous.

  2. i really like the laundry day poem - it takes me back!