Monday, April 23, 2012


That was the final program for the 2011-2012 season at the Los Gatos Community Concert series, featuring the Chris Burton Jacome Flamenco Ensemble.  According to the program, “Flamenco  can be described as the
’Blues’ of Southern Spain.  It is an art form dating from the 15th century.  It is the outlet used by the poor and oppressed to express their emotions, ranging from grief to blissful celebration.”

From my viewpoint, flamenco is less about melody, and more about rhythm, beat, and the changes of beat.  Perhaps you have seen flamenco dancers ‘stomping’ their feet in tune with the song to which they are dancing.  I must say that if there were any insects on the stage beforehand, they have long since been trampled into eternity!  Quite an enjoyable afternoon.  My next step is to sign up for next year’s series.

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  1. My daughter just wrote that she helped backstage at the International Students evening--19 singing and dancing acts. Even thoug they were amateurs, she thought the Bollywood and Caribbean dance acts especially were fantastic! You got to enjoy a cultural dance experience without working 9 hours and operating the curtains. Ole!

  2. @LynnM: cool!

    Sounds like a great show, Don. And thank you for the squirrelly laugh at the end of the post!