Wednesday, August 24, 2011


Yesterday I had my semi-annual “checkup” at the Veterans Administration Hospital in nearby Palo Alto.  I put “checkup” in quotes because it is not much of a checkup.  But that is not why I’m writing about it today.

I should have known -- a 3:30 appointment.  They are never on time at that time of the day.  Well, I did know, somewhat.  I said to Cliff that I would not expect to see the doctor until 4 o’clock.  Turns out I was wrong.

Now with a 3:30 doctor appointment, they want me there at three.  Ordinarily that would mean that the nurse would get to me about 3:15 to 3:20 to weigh me, take my blood pressure and temperature, as well as my oxygen reading. This time the nurse called me about a couple of minutes after three.    That gets to be important to the story, as you will see, because she was finished with me by 3:15.  (All my readings were fine.)

As I said, I was wrong about when the doctor would see me.  While the nurse took me early --on time, really -- 4 o’clock came and went, and the one in the white coat was nowhere to be sight.  I was getting fidgety, and I said to Cliff, who had accompanied me, that five more minutes, and we were leaving.  He suggested I ask someone so I rolled my scooter toward the open door and saw the nurse.  “I had a 3:30 appointment!” I said, pointing to my watch.  “I’ll check,” she said, and came back to say the doctor would see me in about five minutes.  Right.  But about five minutes later (it was nearly 4:20 by then), a very apologetic young lady doctor came in.  Finally!  I knew she was a doctor because she had a stethoscope around her neck.

So she did her “checkup”.  Listened to my lungs (Yup, he’s still breathing), my heart (he is still alive) and asked a bunch of questions.  We were finally out of there about 4:50.  Yuck!

What cracked me up, though, was that after we got home, Cliff, who is usually pretty indifferent about such things said to me in a tone somewhat in awe, “You were really annoyed, weren’t you!”  He got that right.

Now that I've got that out of my system, let's go to the lighter side --

Are these real?


  1. Now, if it were Halloween (egads, they're already selling the candy at Costco!), you could have swiped a paper skeleton and some cobweb decorations and set it up in the exam room and scooted out.

  2. Sounds pretty standard as far as waiting goes.

    So has Alison inspired you to update YOUR tent, just in case? I read there have been some rumblings in the west, too.

  3. I much prefer the looks of the second dog, even if the moolah had been with the 'pretty' ones.
    And i like Alison's idea!