Saturday, August 20, 2011


Today is Saturday.  The day before yesterday Alison had written on her blog that she owed me a chocolate torte.  She did?  Why should I argue?  She went on to say that her springform pans “... has been well used for a long time.  And they’re showing it. The latch on one is a little loose, the other, more than a little and it’s leaked a bit a few times...”  Then she went on to describe all the smoke she was creating (for Indian smoke signals?), and how the cakes were ruined, and she really should spring for new pans.

Yesterday I was at Avenidas, and those ruined pans were somehow bugging me.  So I asked Laura “Where does one buy springform pans?”  “Ask Polly,” she said.  I looked around, but didn’t see Polly.  But then at lunch time, I nearly backed into her when I pushed back from the table.  She was loading dirty dishes to be cleaned onto a cart.  “Polly, where can I get springform pans?”  She gave me an answer.

Now it so happens that Avenidas is fairly close to where Alison lives.  And it also just happens that the recommended store is between Avenidas and Alison.  You get the picture.  Cliff drove to the store, and I gave him instructions on what to get.  A pair of springform pans, of course.  Neither of us knew what we were talking about.  Then off to Alison’s.  Cliff parked, took the package, and rang the doorbell.   When she opened the door, he must have said something because she gave a big grin, gave him a big hug, and then came bounding out of the house like a gazelle to hug me through the open window.

Then last night, a little after 8, she phoned to ask if she could bring the cakes.  Now that had to be the silliest question of the week!  I was going to say No?  So here I am with a goofy grin and chocolate all over my face!

Humor --

Presumably from someone’s resume:
Fluent in both English and Spinach.


A little boy was brought into the emergency room after ingesting part of a plug-in air freshener.  After consulting poison control, and monitoring him, the doctor wrote on his discharge, “Patient doing well.  Ready to go home.  Smells good.”


  1. And you two bought a particularly nice pair of pans, way nicer than the ones they were replacing. Thank you thank you thank you!

    I notice that you nicely didn't mention how I burned those two other tortes not because of the pans but because I am a doofus who didn't latch one of them shut. Made for a little kitchen drama there.

  2. (But yeah, two days ago, I was acknowledging to myself that my old pans really were in bad shape. I looked at them, I looked at my kid's college tuition due in a few weeks, and went oh well.)

  3. Oh, I love the joy of new non-stick pans! I tend to keep skillets and muffin tins far too long. Of course, then the child, now at college, would forget to remove the pan from the heat and it would COOK food to the surface. Eergh. I think it's a blessing she was given a work assignment in the DINING HALLS! Well, blessing for her, maybe not for the diners. HAHAHAHAHA.

    I'm sure you will enjoy your torte and Alison and her torte-recipients will enjoy those pans!

  4. I'm so glad that Polly was able to steer you in the right direction - the cake looks delicious!