Tuesday, August 9, 2011


A couple of years ago I had to have this place tented to be rid of termites.   That meant packing up food, boarding the birds for a couple of days and staying at a motel for two nights.  Something of a nuisance, to put it mildly.

So last week, the termite inspector was back to be sure we were clean.  He was around the outside of the house, under it, and then exploring the interior, as well.  At one point, when I was working here at the computer, he came in with his flashlight and checking the corners of the room.  At one point he had his back to the cart (in the photo) , and as he pointed his flashlight to the ground, he asked me, “How come the bird feathers?”   “Birds,” I replied.  There’s one right behind you.”  Pepper was sitting on a shelf of the cart.

“Say ‘hello’ to the gentleman,” I said to Pepper.  Then I turned to the inspector, and said, “She doesn’t speak English.”  His response:  “Does she speak Spanish?”  ‘Fraid not.

The good news was No termites.  No mice.  No rats.  Thank Heaven!

Fun -

The space ship is out in deep space, and in trouble, so they are looking for a friendly planet to land.  They find one, put down, and scramble out of the space ship to make repairs.  Suddenly they are surrounded by little three foot high creatures all covered with fur.  It turns out that these creatures are quite intelligent, and they ask, “Who are you and where are you from?”

“Well, we are human beings from the planet earth.  Who are you?”

“We are the Furries.”  (Not a surprising answer, since they are all covered with fur.)  “Would you like to meet our leader?”

“Why, yes.  That is a very good idea.”  So the captain and a couple of his officers follow the Furries through the underbrush.  When they arrive at a clearing, they see another Furry sitting on a chair high up on a standard.  He appears to have something like a hypodermic needle sticking out of the top of his head.

“Is that your leader?” the captain asks.

“Yes, that is the Furry with the syringe on top.”


  1. Cool on the rats. Every winter when the Bann floods and it gets cold, they look to my house as a first port of call. Eeeerrgh. (Sorry, I know they are intelligent creatures but they creep me out in a way that the usual big spiders, and cat-deposited mice, moles and birds just don't.)

  2. You are lucky having No termites. No mice. No rats. as these are most dangerous to health and to the house.

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  3. OOOOOOOh! That's so bad, but I love it! Top Pun