Wednesday, August 3, 2011


Every Friday at the one o’clock hour at Avenidas, we have a session called “What’s News”.  We are supposed to bring in clippings that are good news.  Now bad news is easy to find.  Just take your newspaper, close your eyes, and point.  Odds are extremely high that you will have your finger on bad news.  Newspapers thrive on bad news.

But you need to hunt for good news.  Newspapers, at least our local one, will have good news items occasionally.  They are usually not very spectacular.  Here’s an example I found:

“School janitor Brad Keene proved his devotion to Jordan High’s Beetdiggers football team in Sandy, Utah, when he sold his car, dug into his savings, and spent $6,000 on 20 new top-of-the-line helmets.  ‘When you have a passion for something, you just feel it through your whole body and you want to be a part of it,’ Keene said.  Keene played football when he was in high school , and said he understood the importance of good head protection.  Keene’s gift will ‘hopefully reduce some chances for concussions,’ said the team’s coach, Eric Kjar.”

Humor --


The usher in a movie theater spots a fellow spread out over three seats, and calls to him, “Hey, Buddy, you’re only supposed to occupy one seat.”  There is no response from the patron.  “Hey, fella, you gotta get up.  Only one seat to a customer!”  Still no response.

The usher goes out and tells the manager, who also has no luck getting any response from the customer, so the manager calls the police.  When the officer arrives, he says, “Ok, mister, time to move it.  What’s your name?”  A faint mumble from the customer.  “Where you from?” demands the cop.  Finally a response from the man.  “Unh, the balcony.”


  1. I wonder quietly if the fellow was working as a janitor because after too many head injuries from playing football... Good for him for being generous, though!

  2. That is a good piece of news! What a difference one person can make (and that goes for your music program at Avenidas, too!)

  3. Come to think of it, I haven't come across much good in the news recently. Must start looking.