Tuesday, August 16, 2011


Last Sundae, er, Sunday, Cliff and I and a few of the residents put on an ice cream social.  The general consensus was that everyone had a great time.

It’s amazing how the residents here join right in, especially where there is food involved.  Unasked, Sue and Marty (and I think someone else) brought cookies.

Cliff and John served up the ice cream, Cliff handled the chocolate, and John the vanilla. Cliff doesn’t look busy in this photo, but he will in the next. 

I learned later, much to my surprise, that the vanilla was the more popular flavor.  Toppings included chocolate, pineapple, strawberry, chocolate shell (that’s the stuff that hardens on contact with the cold ice cream), and Kool Whip.  Oops.  Forgot the cherries on top.  Next time.

What did I do?  Mainly kept out of the way.  Oh, I did take these pics, and I was the main planner, so I guess that counts for something.  But really, what made the event a success was the people involved.  The ice cream provided an opportunity to sit and chat, exchange stories, and generally have a good time.

Humor from the comics --

Lynn Johnston is one of my favorite cartoonists, and the strip this past Sunday cracked me up.  This is slightly edited, and I only scanned two of the panels:

The mother says, “Michael, just look at your clothes.  Everything you have on is dirty and wrinkled.”

“Go find something else to wear”


  1. Happy Sundae! And a grand time was clearly had by all. Cool. Thank you for getting that going for everybody to enjoy!

  2. Is that BREYER'S vanilla? I love vanilla but especially Breyer's. Last time I was home my dad complained it tasted like ice-MILK not ice-cream (as he ate the stuff I bought.) I also love Breyer's coffee-flavor. I can get Haagen Daaz and Ben and Jerry's here but it's easy to pass up.
    We don't have a problem with the collie sleeping on clothes because she's not allowed on the beds or furniture. The CAT is another story! She even gets into the top shelf of the closets. Newly washed clothes are the ones she likes most.