Tuesday, December 21, 2010


It’s been a long time since I last sat on Santa’s lap.  When I was a widdle one my mother used to take me to a downtown department store, where I’d wait in line, and then go through the usual ritual.  I’ve no idea what I might have asked for, and I may even have realized that this wasn’t the real Santa.

Then last Friday, Santa came to Avenidas.  They had a couch set aside for him, and we were told we could either sit on his lap or next to him on the couch while a picture was taken.   I wasn’t planning to volunteer, but one of the staff “coerced” me into it.  That turned into a bit of a project.  I was wheeled over to Mr. Claus where I stood up, and that’s when the fun began.  Turning me around without something to hang onto something is one of the neater tricks of the week.  So I was gripping the wheelchair, which really didn’t help.  “I’ve got you,” said Santa, and I leaned back.  I have no idea what I was sitting on -- his knee, the arm of the couch, one of his elves -- but this photo was taken.  I’ve had worse.  I was even given a gift.  When I say I’ve had worse photos, try this one!

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  1. Nice photo of you, not so nice of the hat! Have you been in Calif. so long you no longer remember to cuff the hat and pull it down?

    It's actually a good thing you have forgotten these cap-skills. It's beyond chilly in Ulster. Dangerously cold for us. Glad you're warm enough there not to know how to wear a hat!

  2. @LynnM: yes, Richard at Colourmart says the water in the River Severn in his back yard is frozen solid and that that is highly unusual.

    @Don: ho ho hope it doesn't get so chilly here that you actually need those hats!

  3. Since you asked for instructions on how to wear a hat, I thought I'd continue the thread. This not only shows a great hat model but also how to knit a hat:

    Hope you enjoy a peaceful holiday!

  4. Personally, I think your Santa photo is quite dashing - and it has nothing to do with the fact that I took the photo, really!