Thursday, December 23, 2010


One might call yesterday a comedy of errors except that it was only one BIG error, and I was not amused.  Once a year I go in for an infusion for my osteoporosis.  This year the doctor decided he needed a fresh blood test, so they whisked me next door for said test.  The nurse then readied me for the infusion, (IV needle in my arm) and said she had to wait for the test results for some reason I didn’t understand.  “Just a few minutes,” she said.  That was about 2:15 in the afternoon.  About 20 minutes later she came by to apologize for the delay.  Then she checked again with the lab.  Nope.  Not yet.

Now all this time I was sitting in my scooter, which is quite all right, but my backside was getting tired.  She kept checking, getting the same negative results, and returning to me to apologize.  I kept telling her that I knew it was not her fault.

Poor nurse -- she was caught between the non-productive lab, and my joke-telling (which kept her in stitches).  Now it was after 3, and I was more than annoyed.  Finally, close to 4 p.m. I announced that I was not going to sit there all night.  So she removed the needle, and I made a new appointment.

Nonetheless, a problem remains.  Cliff has a long-standing appointment in San Jose, and has no way to know when he will be back.  I may have to cancel today’s appointment.  (Turns out that Cliff made it baek in plenty of time.  Finally! Something went right!)

Ack!  This is not what I would hope to post during this holiday season.  But we don’t get to pick and choose, do we.  But I can soften things a bit with some holiday cartoons.



  1. That's what you get for being suave and de-bone-air. They just want to see you more.

  2. Arghhh... patience is a virtue, but so is speedy service!
    My mom-in-law has a lovely habit of clipping funnies and taping them to used postcards to send out. We love getting them, and received the popcorn-eating kidlet one just this week!