Monday, March 1, 2010


The title refers to a website, courtesy of LynnM, that embodies all those adjectives.
Just click here.

Yesterday Cliff and I went to Foothill College to see a musical entitled SPELLING BEE. That was certainly a lot of fun, even if they had words I didn't recognize.

Humor -

After an exhausting military maneuver, the colonel collected all his officers and told them, “I intend to go home now, opena bottle of wine, and sit with my wife in front of the fireplace. I suggest you all do the same.” “Yes, sir,” said one young officer, “if you don’t think your wife will mind.”


  1. WOW. And I'm sitting here wondering, acrobatics aside, how much pedal power it must have taken to ride a bike with the weight of 16 people on it. Holy moly!

  2. BTW, did I mention my Aunt Kathy and Uncle Frank saw them perform live and that's why they sent me the video?