Thursday, March 18, 2010


Chipper is really a strange bird. He is not at all friendly, but actually is not much of a problem, because although his cage door is open all day, he usually just sits in his cage.

He does have one behavior, however, that can be a bit annoying -- more to Pepper than to me. Chip always flies out of his cage in the morning so that his food and water can be changed. Then a bit later he flies back up to the counter, and heads, not for his cage, but Pepper's. Now the food in both cages is identical, but Chip likes his breakfast in the other restaurant. If Pepper is eating, she will move away, and let Chip eat from her cup. This despite that the fact that Pepper is about three times bigger than Chip.

This morning was different. I'd made arrangements with the vet for Pepper's manicure and wing trim, so we left her closed in her cage. We even left the cover on. Well, Chipper flew out of his cage (his wings are not clipped), soon flew back up to the counter, and marched purposefully toward Pepper's domicile. "Hey, where's the ladder? This place closed for repairs?" But what was really funny is that he got his head under the cover and peered inside. "What? Closed down for serving liquor without a license?" Eventually he retreated to his own place and ate breakfast there.

Be sure to watch for Sunday's posting.

Fun -

Friends are vacationing in Costa Rica, and daily they email descriptions of the day's activities, along with a bunch of photographs. The photos include places they are visiting, and many, many different birds, some of which I've never heard of before. Now this bird was labeled as a Baltimore Oriole. I was just wondering what position it played.


  1. Wait, I mean the Baltimore Oriole. Chipper and Pepper are your home birds.

  2. "Chip likes his breakfast in the other restaurant. " HA! I'm going to be feeding a neighbor's cat for the next week and last time I fed Ollie he started coming into my yard (probably wondering: "Where's the food lady?") Problem is my timid tabby does NOT like naughty Ollie. Threat levels have been raised to "Orange."