Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Elderly friends want to buy a scooter and lift, and asked me for information. Cliff took these photos, and I forwarded this information to them.

In this photo, the scooter is inside the van, and is still attached to the lift. You need a big enough opening on the back of your vehicle to accommodate both the height of the scooter and the
top of the lift.

The hand control is attached to the vertical post of the lift.

Here the lift is starting to swing the scooter out of the van. You can see that
the scooter wheels juuuust clear the base
of the van.

Now the lift is lowering the scooter to the ground.

Here the scooter is on the ground. You can see the strap stretched out and attached to the scooter.

Here is the bottom of the lift bar
attached to the docking mechanism on the scooter.

Fun -
Computer upgrades for 2010:

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  1. My friend Doris has the exact same set up with her minivan, and I bet you and she bought it at the same place, too. Mr. Benton came and spoke to my lupus group Wednesday about what his company offers, and I now know I can rent stuff if I need to.