Thursday, March 25, 2010


Last week I talked about the "spaghetti" that's created when I take off the wired headsets to my iPod. And that Cliff had suggested looking for a wireless headset. And that I found and ordered one, saying I would keep you updated on the results.

Consider this the update. The package arrived last evening. A BIG package, that turned out to be mostly packing. Well, I got it all unpacked, found the instructions, and lo! and behold, got the unit to work with my iPod. It was kinda neat. There I was sitting in the recliner chair in the living room, listening to Ed Ames, and the iPod was sitting on the dining room table!

But then I tried to get it to work with my computer, and the only luck I had was bad. So this morning I called the manufacturer, and some lovely young lady (they are always young and lovely, even if 87 years old) walked me through the process to get it to work on the computer. All's well in the world!

Humor -


A man in Arizona calls his daughter in New York. “I just wanted you to know, Susan, that your mother and I are getting divorced. We just can’t stand each other any longer. I’ll call your brother in Chicago ...”

“You’re WHAT? Don’t do anything until we get there,” she screams. “I’ll call George! Don’t do a thing! Wait ‘til we get there!” She slams down the phone, then picks it up again and calls her brother in Chicago. “Dad just called. He says he and mom are getting divorced. Drop whatever you’re doing and meet me out there.”

Meanwhile, out in Arizona, the man turns to his wife and says, “The kids are coming for Thanksgiving -- and they’re paying their own way.”


  1. Tech support can be wonderful. We got a very nice person yesterday on the phone when things weren't working (again).

  2. You are so much hipper than I am. I gave up my Walkman about 2 decades ago. I like BBCRadio4 or quiet. Glad you liked the accountancy series.

  3. I always enjoy your blog! I fell out of reading my 'blogiverse' the past few weeks while dealing with life right here in my house, but your blog always welcomes me back :-}