Saturday, February 20, 2010


Yesterday I talked about the network of slave PC's, and the trouble they can cause. The article went on to say that individual home computers could be invaded, and the owner never the wiser. Then I received an email from a friend suggesting that was a good reason to shut down one's computer at night.

I almost never turn off mine. I use a Mac, and so I called Apple tech to find out how dangerous this botnet business is for a Macintosh. Not very, I was told, for several reasons:
~ PC's use a different method of programming than Mac, and since there are far more PC's than Macs, the bad guys generally (not always) go for quantity.
~ Nothing can be put on a Mac automatically; anything new must get past the computer's password.
~ In addition, for me, at any rate, I use Earthlink, and they catch viruses before they ever get to my equipment. Every now and then I get an email from Earthlink telling me they have isolated something dangerous, and don't touch it!

So if you are a Mac user, you are not in much danger. For you PC users, you will need to find ways to protect your computer.

Now on to other more pleasant matters.

These are quite intriguing photos. See for yourself. The comments are mine.

Well! Look at that! A young wild deer!

He doesn't seem afraid of us.

Let's go over and say "Hello"

He thinks you're a deer friend?

My, my! A real friendly guy.

She must have been taking the previous photos.

He recognizes friendly folk!

Humor -
Here's the last of the English church signs:

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