Monday, February 15, 2010


We had a Valentine’s Day brunch at our clubhouse the other day -- potluck. Nobody is told what to bring, and it is always amazing the variety we get! All the way from egg dishes to baked beans to muffins, fruit, and more desserts than you can count. Yum!

There are several folks who live hear who are profoundly deaf, and a few have cochlear implants. Recently one of the implant folks was telling me that while the implant makes it so much easier to hear people in person, she still has trouble hearing those on phone calls. As a result, she says, she much prefers to use email. Ah, another reason to sit down in front of the computer.

Neither Cliff nor I received any valentines, but our birds did! Well, in a way. Friends gave Chip and Pep a bottle of special fancy bird food. They are yet to say “Thank you.”

A friend on the east coast emailed to say how much snow they were getting, and did we get any? My response -- Snow? What's snow? We're in the low to mid 60's - above zero.

Humor --

Jake is struggling with two huge suitcases when a stranger asks if he has the time. Jake says aloud, “What time is it?” “It’s a quarter to six,” says a voice from his wrist.. “Wow! Nice watch,” says the stranger. “Thanks,” says Jake, “I built it myself. It can speak the time aloud for any city in any language, plus it’s got GPS, and an MP3 player.” “Holy cow,” says the stranger, “how much?” Jake answers, “This is a prototype. It’s not for sale.” “I’ll give you $1,000.” “Can’t,” says Jake, “it’s not ready.” “$5,000!” “Well, okay, but...” The man slaps a wad of cash into Jake’s hand, grabs the watch, and heads down the street. “Wait!” yells Jake, picking up the suitcases “You forgot the batteries!”

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  1. Email requires it's own special equipment, though. I wear bifocals and couldn't read the screen with either the distance or reading portions. I had to have a special pair of mid-distance glasses made up. It was frustrating this summer when I was helping a neighbor get online and I kept forgetting my computer glasses!