Thursday, February 25, 2010


I awoke this morning a little before 6 to a very loud rumbling noise. “Good grief, what is that?” I thought to myself. It sounded like a fleet of low flying airplanes, or maybe a group of very large, slow moving pieces of heavy equipment. But it didn’t go away! Half an hour later it was still going on. It actually lasted for more than an hour.

“Do you hear that loud rumbling noise?” I asked Cliff. “Yeah, it’s a helicopter. Maybe an accident somewhere,” he said. Well, yeah, some accident! Seems a Caltrain hit an unoccupied car just a few blocks from where we live. Maybe the copter was looking for missing pieces. I later heard that there were three choppers flying around.


Another neighborhood item:
I’m faintly amused that the Canadian Olympic ice hockey team is made up of many (mostly?) San Jose Sharks ice hockey team members. Maybe they’re Canadian citizens?

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