Monday, June 7, 2010


When I was a youngster, my family knew a lady who would ask, “When is your birthday?” And if she were asking me, my answer would be “June 2”. “Oh, that’s my birthday, too!” she would exclaim. But if someone else answered, for instance, June 8, her response would be the same, “Oh, that’s my birthday, too!” Or perhaps June 22? “Oh, that’s my birthday, too!” In other words, as my family put it, her birthday was the entire month of June.

So what does that have to do with my 80th? Not a heck of a lot, except ...

We celebrated on June 2, my real birthday, and I have continued to get congratulations for many days since. But the crowning event was when my nephew Scott and his wife Chris flew up Saturday from southern California to put the finishing touches on this celebratory occasion. We went out to dinner at a very nice French restaurant, and had a great time catching up on our respective lives.

Now I suppose planning can start for the next 80 years.



  1. Sounds like a memorable and lovely visit to mark the occasion well. Happy birthday!

  2. Many happy returns, Don!
    I am so glad for your blog. I save it sometiems for my bad days, as I know I will always find something to make me smile.