Monday, June 28, 2010

FILOLI, concluded

Here are the last of the photos. Half of these were taken by Sandy, our guide.
Browse at your leisure.

In the round.

In the pink!

Sunken garden

Sandy took these:

More than 500 kinds of roses.

Embroidery Knot


Double delight

These are planted so they can be easily reached for cutting.

Knot garden

Sandy caught me taking a picture.

Color variety

English Lavender

Sandy labeled this one "Two smiling gentlemen
surrounded by white climbing rose, Sally Holmes."

Humor -

I've learned that artificial intelligence is no match for natural stupidity.

A man and his neighbor were sitting on the porch talking typical guy stuff. The man said to his neighbor, “If you ever want to go hunting, I’m game.”


  1. That is such a coincidence because it looks EXACTLY like my backyard, right down to the 500 kinds of roses! HAHAHAHAHA.

    Hey, you chose a good bench near the Sally Holmes.

  2. I love that last photo the best. You two made the most of your surroundings.

  3. oohhh That must have smelled wonderful with the herbs, the roses and the lavender!