Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Apple app helps San Jose cops catch iPad thieves

I couldn't resist this item from this morning's paper. From science-fiction to science:

Although it sounds like an Apple commercial, the is a true-crime story from Monday afternoon when a security company called the Apple employee at work to tell him someone may have broken into his home. When an Apple employee arrived at his downtown San Jose home to find that his two iPads had been stolen, he realized the hot-selling tablet could help him track down the thieves.

With a San Jose police officer looking over his shoulder, the employee used his iPhone to watch an icon representing one of his iPads travel through the city, then turn onto Cape George Place.
Police swung into action, surrounding a 1998 Dodge Neon. In the back seat was a slew of hardware including the employee's iPads. Police arrested two men on burglary and other related charges.

"It was really amazing," said the 31-year-old employee.

Other fun --
Funny out of real life:
My barber/hairdresser tells me that she and her husband have a new hobby -- kayaking. Her husband used to be a white water rafting instructor, and is used to giving rowing instructions. So she finds herself hearing an instruction, “Nice and easy.” She tells hubby that she doesn’t like that instruction because it reminds her of Clairol Nice ‘n Easy haircoloring. Okay. He no longer says, “Nice and easy.” He says, ... “Clairol.”


  1. Cute! And loved that story yesterday in the Merc. Talk about free publicity for Apple, too, the day before the new Iphone was released!