Wednesday, June 30, 2010


The youngsters get good protection, as you can see.

Yeah, we're having a fine time!

My favorite baby.

You better watch out! Get too close and my sitter will bite ya.

I can stick my lip out further than you can.

Just hold my hand, er, paw, and you'll be safe.

Oh, I wuv you, too.

Just kissin' ya -- doggy style.

Hey! That tastes pretty good! What is it?

Just snuggle in for a nice nap.

We didn't do nuttin'

Fun time -

Jack and Jill
Jogged up the hill,
Their breath came
Faster and faster.

Before the top
They made a stop,
Narrowly averting
A myocardial disaster.

Jack tried to be nimble
He tried to be quick.
He shot hoops with young guys
And ruptured a disc.

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