Saturday, May 1, 2010


I was online yesterday when suddenly a message popped up on my screen:
(These are not the exact words, but something to this effect)

BEWARE! Your computer is infected with a virus. Click here if you want it removed.

So I clicked, and found this was presumably some virus removal program from Microsoft. Didn’t work (I’m on a Mac). So I tried my own antivirus program. Got a message saying something like “Reload software”. So I dug up the antivirus disc and reinstalled the software, along with downloading the latest updates. (Is there such a thing as uploading the downdates?) And Lo! and Behold! I got a message saying “Reload software”. Hey, I just did that.

Now I did not notice anything strange going on with the computer, but I was concerned. So I called Apple tech. When I had explained all of the above to the gentleman, the first thing he said to me was, “Your computer is not infected.” Well! That was good news. He went on to explain that some of these antivirus firms post a message on people’s computers in order to scare them into buying their product. And if that ever happened again would I please take a screen shot of that message, and call Apple tech. They have had a number of similar complaints, and are trying to track it down. I hope they catch these predators.

Humor --

A sign at Tollgate Farms:

Leonard Sachar

Bull for sale
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  1. I helped a neighbor buy and set up a Mac and that same thing happened to him a few weeks after he was online. He called me around 9pm all freaked out (I was first line apple tech support). I knew he wasn't infected and went to the site he was visiting (Newsweek) and found the same ad. Very worrying pop-up because clicking close still opens it AND everything froze. He got a lesson in how to Force Quit.

  2. I was holding my breath there--you never never click on those, sometimes they ARE the virus!