Monday, May 10, 2010


“District May Require Parents to Volunteer”.

That was the heading on a front page article in this morning’s paper. I did a double take. Was this the headline writer’s notion? Or something that came from the local school district? What bothered me is that I always had the notion that volunteering was something one did freely, without coercion. REQUIRE someone to VOLUNTEER? As my son noted, that sounded like something out of the Soviet Union. The article indicated that it was the District’s idea.

On the other hand, in yesterday’s paper were items (voluntarily written, I assume) from mothers, telling of embarrassing moments in their mothering experiences. The one that cracked me up was about the 6 year old’s pet hamster that died of old age. The kid wanted a fancy funeral, so he and Mom dug a grave in the backyard, which the youngster managed to line with flowers from the garden. The youngster was still upset, so Mom told him that the pet was going to Heaven .The next day, the kid walked into the kitchen, carrying the dead hamster by the tail. “I thought you said he would go to “Heaven!”

How about some cartoons --

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  1. Yeah, I saw that headline and thought What?! Here, let's go get the District a dictionary. Yes, parents should volunteer. No, not all can.