Monday, May 17, 2010


You may recall that several weeks ago my neurologist wanted me to get an MRI of my brain -- that noisy, bang, bang, clackety clack, clanging piece of equipment. Well, today was the day to get results. I theorized that I’d be told that there was nothing whatever inside my skull. Cliff’s notion was that my head was full of marbles, but I rejected that notion on the grounds that if that were so, they would rattle around. And I haven’t heard anything at all -- lately.

Anyway, we were both wrong. According to the good doctor I have “...a very nice brain.” Whatever that means. He said it twice. He even showed me the film that showed the scar from the operation 24 years ago. Hot dog!

How about some funny cartoons?

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  1. Can't argue with "nice brain," right? Doubt you'll want to seek a second opinion on that one, especially since he said it twice.