Saturday, January 30, 2010


I was going to post something that has been in the local paper the past couple of days, but Alison not only beat me to it, but did a better job than I would have. So if you have not seen her post from Friday, as well as my brief comments there, do go to her website. Then you can continue here.

A good place to hide and have lunch.

And then I heard ...

Hey! You startled me!

Okay, guys, stick close.

'Scuse me! I lost my balance. Must be around here somewhere.

I dare anyone to say I'm not beautiful!

Yeah, I'll take that!

Going down for breakfast.

Dance step: First you raise your left foot ...

Last one in is a dirty bird!

Save some for me!

Okay, who dumped that water on me?

Humor -

Many senior executives find talking with a management consultant invaluable. But one no nonsense executive is not one of them. Halfway through the meeting the consultant asked, “How do you cope with managerial stress?” “I don’t,” was the grumpy reply, “I cause it”.

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