Monday, January 4, 2010


Amalie and I made a decent cup of coffee. But somewhere along the line Am was having some kind of difficulty, and the doctor told her to switch to decaf. So we started buying and drinking decaf. Shortly therafter I started getting headaches on the weekends. It finally hit me -- because I was drinking decaf at home and regular work, on the weekends I was getting withdrawal symptoms! We solved that by switching exclusively to tea. She liked hers English style, with milk or cream in it. When we would go out to a restaurant, I would make it a point to tell the waiter that she liked her tea with milk. Sometimes they remembered, and sometimes they did not. But they always remembered to bring hers with a slice of lemon. Milk with lemon? Ugh! And I’ve stuck with tea ever since.

Fun -


  1. When I worked at Burger Barn as a teen I remember we had to ask customers "milk or lemon" and occasionally tell them they couldn't have both with their tea. One customer was insistent (duh) so she was given the little pot of milk and slice of lemon, and then came back to complain the milk was off.

  2. LynnM, that's funny! Milk+lemon=buttermilk substitute.