Saturday, January 2, 2010


I was disappointed in the ABC network coverage of the Rose Parade. They only showed some of the entries. Later I found a web site that showed everything, or certainly a lot more than I saw on TV. You can find what appears to be everything by going to Google, and typing in Rose Parade Videos. Then choose the top one. There are a total of six videos that cover the whole parade.

Cliff said something this morning about needing his coffee to wake up in the morning, and that reminded me of a coffee story from my army days. The tag line will tell you how old this is:

When I was stationed at Fort Lawton, Washington, many (most?) of the buildings were heated with pot belly coal stoves. Some offices kept their coffee hot by leaving the pot on top of the pot belly, and at one such office there was a sign nearby that read DON’T THROW OUT YOUR COFFEE -- FILL YOUR FOUNTAIN PEN.

First cartoon of 1010:


  1. At least it wasn't "ink pot."

  2. Coal stoves. We got hospitalized by one of those once.

  3. Going back to this, I meant to say "ink pot for your quill!"