Saturday, January 9, 2010


This was supposed to have been posted about 4 days ago. Better late than never?


Neither Alison nor I felt the earthquake on Thursday. And there have been several more little ones lately that I have not felt. (It’s not my fault; it’s San Andreas’ Fault.)

But the one I certainly do remember was the big one in October, 1989. I had gone to my bathroom for something, and when the shaking started - because I couldn’t move very well - I just sat down on the floor. We had no damage. A couple of things fell out of the medicine cabinet - didn’t hit me - but that was it. Then when it was all over, I discovered I was sitting in front of the glass shower door!

Humor -

Punctuation counts: Huge sign outside a local family restaurant -- Kids under 12 eat free live clown every Wednesday

Pilot announcement: Good evening, ladies and gentlemen. Welcome to flight 1492, to - believe it or not -- Columbus.

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