Sunday, January 17, 2010


I know I’m way late with this, but thanks to Bill Dorais, Diana Troldahl, Alison Hyde, and LynnM for their comments on my blog.

Yesterday (Saturday), the plumber came by to install the seat riser on my toilet. A plumber? well, this is no ordinary item. This actually bolts to the toilet itself, and then he fastened my old toilet seat to the riser. The whole thing works well. The plumber’s only concern was that sitting that high, I might get a nosebleed.

When I was growing up, the family used to refer to the bathroom as the Throne Room, and of course you know what the Throne was. Well, that’s not too bad a description for my present arrangement.

Previews of coming attractions:

I’m getting photographs via email faster than I can post them. In the coming days you can look forward to more animals, birds, and some photos of absolutely fantastic paintings.

Another funny cartoon:

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