Sunday, June 9, 2013


Enjoy some more of these delightful creatures --

I'll send you the 8 x 10 prints as soon as they're developed.

Just waking up from my nap.  Think I'll go back to sleep.

The paws that refreshes.

What on earth are you doing out there? Just wait 'til your mother finds out!

Here I am!  In Technicolor!

Hee, hee, hee.  My mom's never gonna believe you said dat.

Nope. 'sokay. Diaper's dry.

Now if I put my right, back foot there, and my left one over there ...

Humor --


At pilots training back in the Air Corps they taught us, "Always try to keep the number of landings you make equal to the number of take offs you make."

Aspire to inspire before you expire.

To err is human, but to really foul things up requires a committee.

My wife and I had words, but I didn't get to use mine.

Frustration is trying to find your glasses without your glasses.

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