Friday, May 25, 2012


Here are a few photos that have no relation to one another, except, perhaps, that they are photographs.  I didn’t have any place else to put them, and didn’t want to toss them.  So here they are with a bit of commentary from me.

I thought this was a most unusual photo.  I’m not sure if these are real or perhaps glass objects.

Again, I’m unsure what this represents.  A race, or pushups.

I think these are droplets reflecting nearby flowers.

Now I’m more sure about this.  A member of our book club gave these to other book club members.  
This one is mine.  For want of a name, I call it a Page Holder.

And then someone emailed this to me.  Just cracked me up.

Okay, this must have been photoshopped.  Or something.  But I found it quite fascinating and beautiful.

Saturn As You’ve Never Seen it The cover picture from National Geographic, December 2006. The Sun is eclipsed (behind) Saturn in this picture. The “dark” side of Saturn is seen here lit by ring shine. The rings are made highly visible by forward scattered sunlight.  The photo was taken by the Cassini Orbiter.

Just fun -

The little boy is riding in the car with his uncle in a downtown area.
“Uncle Charlie,” he asks, “What does the red light mean?”
Uncle Charlie:  That means to stop.
Little boy:  And what does the green light mean?
Uncle Charlie:  That means go.
Little boy:  And what does the yellow light mean?
Uncle Charlie:  That means ‘Caution - prepare to stop’.
Little boy:  Then why do you step on the gas?


  1. Love the photos! (Step away from the grape juice. It might spill.)

  2. I think the top one is of flames. The cut glass was an amazing job no matter how it was done. I knew a person whose hobby was making things with his glass cutter, but how the stem of the glass and also its shadow was photoshopped out makes me wonder.

  3. I agree with Lynn, it looks like vapor from burning alcohol (like on a flaming dessert) I will share the kitten photo with Oscar, he loves kitties :-} (I do, too)