Friday, May 11, 2012


Here is the second group of North American birds.  Even if the coloring is not spectacular, I find the feathering to be beautiful.  Do you have a favorite?

American Goldfinch

Cooper's Hawks

Eastern Bluebird

Eastern Kingbird

Eastern Phoebe

Gray Catbird

Great Horned Owl

Hairy Woodpecker (not Harry).

House Finch

Northern Cardinal

Humor -

The teacher was trying to get her young students to understand the meaning of the word SUFFICIENT, but she was not having much success.  After several attempts, she said, “Okay, let’s try this.  I have a small cat, and when she is hungry, I pour some milk into her dish.  And she laps it all up.  So I pour some more milk into her dish, and she laps up all of that.  Then I pour more milk into her dish, but she only laps up about half of it.  The cat has had sufficient milk.  Now, can anyone give me the meaning of the word SUFFICIENT?”

A little girl was wildly waving her hand in the air.  “Yes, Susie, what is the meaning of the word

And Susie responded, “A cat full of milk!”


  1. Female finches and cardinal, and the Cooper's are juveniles. All hawk species as far as I know have that brown and white striped pattern on the chests as juveniles, I'm sure to tell adults that these are just kids, not trying to take your territory, just passing through.

  2. The one that goes on last always wins, so the cardinal! I saw something odd yesterday, a bird was hopping around my yard eating the tops of the lawn daisies! I thought at first it was just drinking a drop of water inside (maybe it was) but there were little white petals being spit out. I also came across some part processed jute fiber in my spinning samples and decided to put it out for the birds 'cause I saw online they like it for nests. I wonder if I'm too late for that.