Monday, May 14, 2012


Back at the beginning of May I posted this lovely photo of me and my sling.  Unfortunately, my arm kept slipping, and I’d find myself with the arm hanging practically straight down.

Then when I returned to the clinic the following Monday, they gave me what they termed ‘a better sling’.  Well, it was certainly nicer looking, but when the arm decides to slide, it does whatever it pleases.  Besides, I was feeling like a trussed up turkey!  Then a thought occurred to me -- a way to keep it from sliding.  Cliff and I tried it, and lo! and behold!, it didn’t work. But Cliff hitch-hiked on my notion, and this one does work pretty well.  Have a look. Here, all we did was to use the two straps from the second sling -- one around my waist, and he made the other into a loop in which I slipped my hand.  This was far better.  I didn't feel like I was ready for the rotisserie.  Even so, my hand did tend to slip.  So ... 

We improved on it yesterday morning, and it is even better.  You can't see it because it is under the shirt, but that's part of the improvement.  Cliff made the loop a little smaller and further to the right, and he put the belt a bit higher on my waist.  You can see that my forearm is more level.  And it is reasonably comfortable.

But enough about my ailments.  How about something funny?

Harry is a very unhappy young man.  He is practically broke, and he is in a very poor marriage.  Then he thinks of a way to solve both problems with one stroke.  He plans to take out a big insurance policy on his wife, and then have her bumped off.

He makes a contact in the underworld, and they send him some guy named Artie.  Artie says to Harry, “This is gonna cost ya ten grand -- five now, and the rest when I do the job.”

“But I don’t have that kind of money,” complains Harry, and he opens his wallet to show a solitary one dollar bill.  Artie grabs it, and threatens, “Ya better have it when I get back!”

Several days later Artie follows the wife into a Walmart.  When she is way back in a corner of the store, he grabs her and chokes her to death.  Unfortunately, the store manager happens upon the scene, and Artie can’t have any witnesses, so he chokes him to death.  Unfortunately for Artie, the whole thing is caught on the store’s security system camera.  And the next day the headline reads ...

........ keep going

......... a little more --

Artie chokes two for a dollar at Walmarts.


  1. Cliff is a peach! Please tell him thank you from me.

  2. My neighbor broke her wrist a couple of weeks ago (with a couple more weeks of cast and sling ahead.) I joke she looks like Napoleon the way she holds her hand inside her coat jacket to keep her finger tips warm. It's been COLD here! She can't drive until this removed but says that the extra walking is doing her good! And her son is helping in the kitchen, cutting onions etc....

    Glad you're finding a new way to handle the sling.

  3. So glad you were able to wrangle that wayward arm!
    Oscar saw a lovely apartment that may work for us today, possible move in late June or early July!