Tuesday, March 20, 2012


I suppose various individuals dreamed up these clever ideas.  Some are useful, some decorative, some quirky.

Very pretty!

Not a new idea, but useful.

 Does it light up at night so you don’t trip over it?

I don’t think this one lights up, but it is a bit clever.

Now there is an idea I could use.

Well, if you’re in a rush ... Or trying to impress someone ...

Maybe that’s why some people are tongue-tied.

When out in the water, it may appear that the boaters are sitting in nothing.

Bell rang.  Tea’s ready.

 I’m not so sure about this one, for several reasons.

Fun --


Someone defined class as being able to listen to the William Tell Overture, and not think of the Lone Ranger.


  1. Re the boat: I have a book with a picture of a knitted boat. Seriously. Knit with huge yarn and needles and then encase in lucite. Water-worthy, even!

  2. That sinkquarium is inspired! I'm not sure the fishies would like to be disturbed by teethbrushing and face washing though. Might be stressful.