Thursday, March 8, 2012

BUSY, BUSY, part 2

Going with new, different, software can be a pain.  I was on Chat with their tech support for over an hour this morning/afternoon about my new financial program.  I was trying to overcome my lack of knowledge with a couple of off-the-wall questions, and the terminology I used was somewhat different from that of the young lady at the other end.  Finally she asked if I would allow software that would enable her to see and operate my screen.  Yeah, sure.  She sent me the software, which I installed, and then the fun began.

My hands were in my lap, and my cursor was moving around the screen.  Then she started to type.  Erased.  Tried again.  Erased.  Then she sent me a message, "Are you using the Dvorak keyboard?"  "Yes, I am, but I can switch to qwerty.   So I used my own mouse to make the change.   (For those of you who don't know, I don't have use of my left hand, so the Dvorak keyboard puts the most used keys under my right hand.)

I finally had to sign off because it was getting way past my lunch hour, and my bladder was complaining, as well.  After lunch I came back to the computer, and with my new-found knowledge, managed to complete what I wanted to do.  Whew!  I'll leave you something funny (well, I think it's funny) and go take my daily nap.


  1. I take issue with the "can".
    Going with new, different, software WILL INEVITABLY be a pain!

    Hope you're well rested and happy now.

  2. Good luck with the new stuff!