Saturday, March 3, 2012


I’m reading a rather lengthy novel by Susanna Kearsley titled The Winter Sea.  The plot is quite different from anything else I’ve read in that Kearsley has created a female protagonist, Carrie McClelland, in modern times who is an author of historical fiction.  Kearsley’s story shifts back and forth between the current time, and the early eighteenth century where the protagonist’s story takes place.

What makes it clever is that there are eerie parallels between what Carrie writes one evening, and what happens to her the following day.  That makes her wonder if she is really writing fiction. 

At 500+ pages, I’m barely a fourth of the way into it, but I am caught up.  It is quite a page turner, and I recommend it.

Not for lunch; to lunch!  This is amazing!


  1. If you wanted to adopt a cat that could get along with a dog, that's a great way to start. Wow.

  2. That clip was heartwarming. Ahhhhhh.