Saturday, May 14, 2011


(Before we begin, allow me to tell you that starting Thursday evening into Friday morning, Google had the bloggers shut down fr -- whatever.  Which is why you might have kept seeing the same thing over and over.  Let us continue.)

Animals of all kinds make interesting subjects.  The captions are mine.

 I’ll exercise when I feel like it!

For me?  All that cake for me?

Mine!  You can’t have it!

Quit tasting me.

Paper?  What paper?  Besides, I didn’t do it.  You’ll see.

The dog did it.

Now you know I’m on the ball!

Your shoe needs deodorizing.

Get OFF!  I’m not the couch!

 He’s not the couch, but I’ll take what I can get.


~ Outside a muffler shop:
No reservations needed. We hear you coming,

~ At a maternity clothes shop:
We are open on Labor Day.

~ At an electric company
We would be delighted, if you send in your payment. However if you don't, you will be.


  1. Alison, what is your squirrel doing to that wedding cake?

  2. *bursting out laughing* at LynnM! My squirrels are black or a fairly light gray, that's not one of mine.

  3. Okay, Alison, well, you know not to leave a wedding cake in your yard, in any case.

  4. Great Photos, as always, but I find myself most inrtigued by the fishy toilet seat.

  5. i also was trying to post over the weekend and wasn't able - it was quite frustrating! thanks for the picture - they really brightened my day!