Monday, May 2, 2011


On Sunday afternoon Cliff and I attended a concert in Los Gatos, but this isn’t only about the concert itself.  Since I was on my scooter, I was limited where I could park and watch the concert.  So I was near an area where some ladies were stashing attendees’ walkers.  Since I hate to pass up a wisecrack, I asked one lady if she was collecting them.  “Oh, sure,” she said.  And then she looked startled.  “Aren’t you Don Meyer?” she asked.  “Yes,”I answered.  “Many years ago you and  your wife came to dinner at my house.  You haven’t changed a bit!”  I have no idea who this lady is.

This concert featured the San Jose Wind Symphony, where all of the musicians are volunteers.  What makes this interesting is that in the listing that shows the instruments and musician’s names, they also show the individual’s occupation.  For example:
Tenor Saxaphone - Gordon Snyder, retired fireman
French Horn - Leanna Goodwater, librarian
Trombone - Brian Haslanger, graphic designer

There are also quite a few music teachers, band directors, and musicians, plus a homemaker, electrical engineer, retired surgeon, and a bank executive.  It was as interesting to me to read those occupations as it was to listen to the music, which was quite enjoyable.

Health update --
Everything is better.  The right knee is better, left hip not as sore, and the cough, cough is way down, thank you very much.

Cartoon --  I like it because I think our own  washer is on that last setting.


  1. The washer: it's just helping you practice duck and cover for the next quake. Just don't forget when you're doing laundry to put the covers in the dryer. (Here, I'll go get my grandson's ducky print ones.)

  2. How puzzling!
    perhaps she will do an internet search on your name, find the Chippep blog and post!

  3. HA! I told you the cough would be better, didn't I, didn't I, didn't I?????