Tuesday, May 24, 2011


Today the joke is on top.

Cliff drove me to Avenidas yesterday morning.  Upon arrival, he parked and got out of the car to get my wheelchair.  I tried to get ready to leave the car, but found I had trouble moving.  Well, I'd had trouble standing up that morning, so that didn't terribly surprise me, except that I was trying to move sideways, not up.  Cliff took one look at me and said, "Unfasten your seatbelt."

Kay Weeks is a resident of our mobile home park, and submitted this poem for publication in our park magazine.  I was quite taken with it, and asked her if I could put it on my blog.  She agreed.

By Kay Weeks

Around the room and up the drapes –
You teetered there wide-eyed.
“Oh, my gosh, what have I done?
Come rescue me!” you cried.

Safely down, you bit the fern
As if it was its fault,
Then off you raced, lickety-split--
A perfect somersault!

You teased the dog, knocked over a vase,
Pulled stuffing from a chair,
Then suddenly stopped to catch your breath
And demurely washed your hair.

With sleepy eyes, you looked at me
And curled up in the sun
To nap awhile and dream of all
The mischief yet undone

I watched you sleep and shook my head …
It must have been a dream
‘cause look at you all curled up there …
How innocent you seem.

I sipped my tea to calm my nerves,
I hope it does some good.
God grant me strength to see me through
This thing called kittenhood!


  1. Very cute and true. Whoever said pets reduce blood pressure never lived with a kitten. Even adult cats have their moments but at least they're embarrassed when they knock over tall tumblers of water. (My daughter was upset that Kiwi knocked one onto the dress she was making, so she moved the cup over to the other side--where I promptly knocked it over when I went to close the blinds. Guess I can't stay mad at the cat too long.)--LynnM

  2. But oh do they make a person laugh...

  3. What an accurate poem! I love our cats, but their kittenhoods were pretty exciting! I've been caught by the sneaky seatbelt thing more than once. Glad I'm not alone!