Thursday, May 5, 2011


For me, it's right after lunch.

I've experienced this one.


One day a traveling salesman was driving down a back country road at about 30 mph when he noticed that there was a three-legged chicken running alongside his car.

He stepped on the gas but at 50 miles per hour, the chicken was still keeping up. After about a mile of running the chicken ran up a farm lane and into a barn behind an old farm house.

The salesman had time to kill so he turned around and drove up the farm lane. He knocked at the door. When
the farmer answered he told him what he had just seen.

The farmer said that his son was a geneticist and he had developed this breed of chicken because that he, his wife and his son each like a drumstick when they have chicken and this way they only have to kill one chicken.

"That's the most fantastic thing I've ever heard," said the salesman.  "How do they taste?"

"Don't know," said the farmer. "We've never caught one."


  1. I avoid the ten items or less lane at the supermarket.

  2. I think that last graph should be given a green light completely.