Thursday, May 19, 2011


Mostly little -- some bigger.

Fun -

Three women are having lunch.  One woman says, “My son is a Bishop, and when he comes into a room, all the people say ‘Your Grace’.”

The second woman says, “MY son is a cardinal, and when he walks into a room, everyone says ‘Your Excellency’.”

The third woman, a little Jewish lady, says, “My son is six feet 4 inches tall, very handsome, broad shoulders, narrow waist, and a full head of beautiful hair, and when he comes into a room, all the women say, ‘Oh my God’!”


  1. This is the only way I can enjoy kitties - I am horribly allergic to them. The sad thing is that a cat would be a perfect pet for us....all except for that troublesome not-being-able-to-breathe thing!

  2. I love having a cat in the house (well except one roommate's cat in 1987. Rummie was a demon.) I've lived with cats for 25 years and can't imagine not having one or two around. My brother is like you QLB, VERY allergic. He can't even walk into a house where a cat has been, let alone be in the same room as one. I don't think he even likes to look at pictures of them--even cute ones like these.

  3. BTW QLB, my brother has a Boston Terrier dog. Funny looking thing but doesn't require too much exercise, is good with kids and doesn't provoke allergies.