Monday, March 7, 2011


This is not what I’d intended for this day, but I found it too intriguing and funny to pass up.  This is from the Sunday paper.

There was a time some years ago when the airport in San Jose was called (surprise!) San Jose Municipal Airport.  Then when carriers began foreign service, it became San Jose International.  About 10 years ago the San Jose City Council voted to honor Norm Mineta, former mayor, congressman and Transportation Secretary.  Now it was called (take a deep breath) Norman Y. Mineta San Jose International Airport.  I always called it San Jose Airport.  Well, there has now been built a beautiful new terminal, but the facility is losing money because too many airlines coming from and going to foreign locations are not using NYMSJIA.  It has been said that while many flyers want to go to Silicon Valley (guess where that is), the airlines don’t realize that San Jose is in Silicon Valley!

Guess what -- there are those who want to add “Silicon Valley” to the airport’s name.  That would mean the name would be (take a deeper breath) Norman Y. Mineta San Jose/Silicon Valley International Airport.   Would all that fit on a sign at the entrance?  So our local newspaper ran a contest to rename the airport.  Four people suggested the same top choice moniker -- Silicon Valley International Airport.  That’s good enough for me.

However, there were a few, ahem, less serious; i.e. funny suggestions.  For me this is the prize winner in the ‘Funny’ category. Now take a really deep, deep, deep breath and try this suggestion on for size --
Norman Y. Mineta San Jose California 50 miles South of San Francisco 10th Largest City in the U.S. Silicon Valley Formerly Known as Valley of Heart’s Delight International Airport.


And you still want more humor?  Try these cartoons --



  1. Is it really in San Jose? Belfast International Airport is in Antrim and Newark airport is in Elizabeth.

    BTW, I think "Hearts Delight" could make a great nickname.

  2. And it comes with a free exercise club! Just walk across that endless terminal with your luggage and you've got your major workout done for the day. And I do mean endless: coming through security, the terminal stretches to the vanishing point, ie where the lines converge.